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Start building more meaningful connections with the all-in-one messaging platform that accelerates your organization or cause.

Personalized Messaging

Personalized Bulk Messaging Made Easy

Our targeting system allows you to filter specific customer groups for improved messaging. Customize your campaigns based on location, purchase history, or other criteria for personalized, relevant messages that drive engagement and conversions.
Custom Integrations

Works with your Current Apps

With Stakd, contacts and important data from existing apps can be automatically created or updated in Stakd. Break down silos between departments making data management streamlined across your entire organization.
Value-Adding Content

Build a Robust Media Library

Work independently or collaborate with your team as you add content into Stakd’s easy-to-access media library. In turn, you can ensure a consistent, conversion-oriented presence.
Cross-Industry Value​

Supporting a Diverse Range of Industries

We proudly support fundraising efforts, academic institutions, marketing campaigns, nonprofits, and beyond. Throughout the process, we empower our users to reach their audience with messages and conversations that count.

Real Clients. Trusted Solutions.

Discover why Stakd is the preferred communication platform for forward-leaning organizations throughout non-profits & the elite athletics industry.

“Stakd has helped us expand our communication strategy into a new channel we feel our donors really appreciate.”
Hanna Campbell
Director of Marketing & Communications
“Our Staff is able to increase and enhance their personal communication with recruits but actually spend less time doing it.”
Andy Vaughn
Director of Player Personnel
“Having a full time customer success team has been instrumental for us. Football doesn't work in "business hours" & it is so nice to have real life people help you out when needed!”
Texas logo
Taylor Searels
Director of Recruiting Operations
“Stacked has helped our external team communicate directly with season ticket holders, donors, and our students throughout the pandemic when we haven’t had any events with fans… We’ve sent exclusive content like team intro videos and made direct asks to donate as part of our university-wide day of giving. With text, we know they are seeing it and don’t have to worry if they open an email or scroll by a social media post.”
Illinois State logo
Zach Schroeder
Assistant Director Marketing
“Stacked has allowed our program to recruit at a higher level. We can reach more prospects, more often. We are able to do things that this program has never done before.”
Danny Payne
Director of Scouting
“Stacked gives us another tool to reach alumni and keep them engaged and informed with ISU events, ticketing, fundraising and more.”
Marianne Riddell
Director of RB4L & Donor Events
Limitless Capabilities

360° Support for Communication Campaigns.

Stakd features a myriad of easy-to-navigate capabilities that save time, increase engagement, and boost conversions, including:

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. We know the importance of making sure a new software fits your communication strategy perfectly! We would be happy to set up a free trial for your organization. Please complete the contact form below!

Can I send text messages from my personal phone number?

Yes. This is a feature of Stakd that sets us apart from the competition! You have the choice of sending messages from either a pre-registered phone number, a text enabled landline or your own personal cell phone number through our innovative Personal Text feature! Click Here to learn more.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Yes. We have pricing and feature packages that fit organizations of any size. If you would like to discuss enterprise pricing please contact our sales team by completing the contact form below!

What support is included?

We are dedicated to customer success. You will have access to a full-time customer success manager who is responsible for taking care of our partners and ensuring your support needs are met at all times.

What 3rd party apps can I integrate?

Stakd currently has a number of third party CRM integrations and we are always growing this list. To learn more about our current integrations or request a potential integration please complete the contact form below!

Do you have apps for iPhone and Android?

Yes. You can find the Stakd app in the App Store on Google Play.

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